Clip to Memonic Joshua's Heart

the love in her face appears real and deep…her hand in his hair, holding onto him…for photograph?

love can be anywhere…

IRREVERSIBLE (2002) - Rape Scene

Caution: absolutely brutal

Anonymous asked:
I feel like some of the things you post could be considered as rape, or sexual assault. Some of these gifs don't seem like the women is enjoying her BDSM or whatever. Do people really like having their nipples bleed?
Great blog:-) I find the content beautiful and certain posts incredibly thought provoking.


of ten thousand, only one…perhaps…just perhaps…

masoaddict said: This is from a movie staring the talented Monica Bellucci, Irreversible. Brutal movie.

She fucks just his glans…sensitive…

No Games


Hi, Joshua. To remain anon frees up all inhibitions . I need this. But for me, communicating w you is a privilege; one I don’t want to lose. This is not a game. I need you to know how I feel.
Please tell me, am I to be considered to be a coward in your eyes, and not respected or taken seriously if I continue to choose to remain anon?
And, do you not know me, anyway? Truly?

If you can’t be yourself, truly you, release inhibitions and enjoy without hiding…there are other issues at play.

And being anonymous is a game in and of itself. Not sure I’d call it cowardice…perhaps some reason you can’t reveal…or won’t. It’s unsettling all the way around. If you’re fucking serious about the feelings you refer to…you can quickly lose my interest and fade, or come out and up to be “useable” to me, somebody, a person to connect with, not a ghost.

Do I know you truly? Of course not…what you say in hiding could be coming as a game, a guy, someone I once knew, or an absolute danger.

Last time I respond to bullshit from your hiding place. Beyond, if I had the significance you claim…you’d open to me rather than remain hidden and piss my time and yours away.



I am sorry, Joshua. You know me. I am obsessed with you. I have real questions, even after all this time, about things I see/read on your blog. You know I respect you. You know I would never intentionally play with you, waste your time. To upset you (piss u off) brings me deep pain and shame. Joshua, I have revealed myself to you when you told me to. Still not knowing who I am, I must not have reached you w my id. Hoping with all my heart to be permitted to ask and receive responses .
I’m not hiding from u , Joshua.

It’s Xxxxxxxxx.


delicious! and so wet…

”...lissen to me…feel how deep I drive into this cunt?  How you thrust your hips getting more cock…fighting deeper?  C’mon - roll ‘n slam your clit on my body, fuckin’ crush it …ooooo yeah bitch…HARDER…”


"…stay very still, close your eyes and imagine molten lava tearing it’s way up through a mountain, faster, more intense and explosive - the inevitable, feel me finger the cum right out of your burning cunt…

…for me…”

"…SCRAMBLED WELL…SCRAMBLED WELL…how do I like my eggs?


"she had to tire…slow down. Damned fast this one was.  Never expected it from the front.

Help me get ‘er on the hood, tie her down…”

"…take a piss…right here, right now. Lift your whore leg..empty your bladder. Pay NO attention to anyone…”